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Build a bridge between your expertise and your audience's wants

Imagine a world where offering your audience exactly what they need IS your power play.

Where soaring profits are backed by torrents of THANK YOUs filling your DMs, bouts of referrals to friends and heightened brand loyalty.

This is how every transformational business deserves to be treated! To be marketed!

This is how we do it 🤓 (you’re welcome for the ear worm).

Using our Audience-Driven OFC (Offers, Funnels & Copy) System, we help you experience the kind of results that only come from an audience that truly craves your offers, finds themselves in your copy & clicks “Gimme’ Gimme’ ”on every sales page.


Hey There, Trailblazer!

If you’re reading this, we already know you’re not ‘just’ a coach, consultant, or infoproduct creator — your dedication to your business is a force to be reckoned with.

But let’s get real…

…even the fiercest trailblazers face roadblocks. 

In our 3 years of work, we’ve noticed experts like you feel disenchanted with marketing their offers. Far Too Damn Often!

It’s like your expertise and what your audience craves are playing a game of hide-and-seek.

You might be wondering why.

Well, here’s the scoop…

The bridge you’ve created between your audience & your OFCs (offers, funnels & copy) isn’t getting them across. 

Customer Persona

Too often all the audience research we do is limited to creating an ideal client avatar in Canva (or Miro if we’re feeling fancy) & forgetting about it 2 weeks later.

But our prospect isn’t a lifeless 2-dimensional 25-to-35-year-old named Danny who has 2.5 kids, lives in a Canva doc & indulges in Good Omens on a night off.

Each prospect is flesh and bone with their own needs and struggles, and if our offers, funnel & copy are gonna stand a chance at getting them to act, we need to meet those needs & struggles head-on!

That’s why you need a game-changer like our Audience-Driven OFC System. 

It’s all about building the bridge between your skills and your community’s desired transformation, so that they feel prompted to give you their most heartfelt ‘yes’. 

No more shot-in-the-dark, cookie-cutter, trending-but-not-for-you strategies. 

Our Audience-Driven OFC System helps create genuine connections, all while firing up those conversions.

You’re not blazing trails for ordinary results!
And neither are we.

8 billion people out there, millions in this vertical, and we know it’s hard to find those with a new vision, who want to turn their industry upside down.

People like us, who whenever they get up, are already beaming with excitement about the work standing before them.

That’s the kind of people we serve.

We’re here for the extraordinary — building audience-driven businesses that thrive on:

authentic relationships

offers that solve a real need

copy that moves people to act

conversions that skyrocket

It’s time to wave goodbye to ‘meh’ results and embrace the exhilarating journey of making your mark.

Let’s make your offers the kind that your customers refer to and recommend for years to come.

Let’s turn your copy into a read that makes your audience scramble to punch in their CC details.

Ready? Let’s rock this!

Do I recommend the Funnel Fairy? Yes, yes, YES! 🤩 Cathy is a wordsmith extraordinaire with a strategic mind for designing funnels and writing copy, and a stunning work ethic. I worked with both Cathy and her husband Alex on various copywriting and web development projects, and I couldn’t recommend them more!

Ioana Stepanov

Free The Digital

“Funnel Fairy managed to create a fantastic website for Cyberian Mine almost from the ground up within very limited time constrains. Cathy's process is impeccable. Thorough initial analysis, data-based decisions along the way, perfect organization, timing, and project management. All that combined expectedly leads to an amazing result and matches the timeline. Well done! Happy to recommend for any projects of any complexity!”

Maxim Matrenitski

Cyberian Mine

Say goodbye to following trends and always being on the lookout for new marketing tactics.

Buh-bye to throwing offers at your audience like spaghetti at the wall and seeing what sticks.

The Audience Monitor gives you a clear, step-by-step process for collecting audience insight and turning it into a marketing strategy that works.

Not for the IG ‘influencer’ or ‘social media coach’, but for you & your audience specifically.

With The Audience Monitor, you’ll craft a strategy that speaks directly to your audience’s pain points, offers solutions they crave, and engages them on a profound level.

You’ll never have to guess what your audience wants again; you’ll know it with certainty.

This is the promise of The Audience Monitor.

If want to grow & sell more without feeling your shoulders tense in uncertainty each time you launch a new offer…

…this 24-email audience-focused training will help you sell in a way that feels genuine to your audience and grow your business in alignment with their needs, desires & goals.

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