Funnel Fairy

Our Vision & Values

We started this biz to help you increase your ROI while amplifying your impact.

Our vision is simple:

A more equal & fulfilled society

We believe a major shift in this direction happens when people do work they enjoy, on their own terms. 

We aim to help achieve this by supporting experts like you sell their knowledge & services with the confidence, poise & ease that they deserve.

Experts who deserve to find product-market fit & get their audience pining for every offer they bring out!

Our efforts are grounded in: personal alignment & epistemic responsibility.

Whether we’re backing a cause, or choosing a project to work on, we seek personal alignment in all that we do. We look to harmonize our intentions, choices and actions. This honors our individual core values, protecting our joy & peace. It gives us a massive sense of purpose and meaning. What this means in business? We don’t sell products, services or personal brands that we don’t believe in. But when we do, we go all in, bells, whistles and cannons ablaze.

The responsibility for one’s beliefs, aka epistemic responsibility, enables us to reach the best solutions, both in business and in the daily pursuit of balancing our existence. As much as possible, we use conclusions drawn meticulously from our own research, case studies, books, and courses spanning neuroscience, behavioral science and cognitive science in order to deliver the best results to you and your clients. We top that off with a bit of creativity.

Why I Started Funnel Fairy

Meet the Fay-Team

If you met us at a business conference, here’s what you’d find out…

Cathy Ghita

Head Fairy

Cathy is our founder, strategist and copywriter. She uses research-based wording to inspire, connect and convert. Her feats include the verses for a TikTok ad campaign & a > 12% converting (out of email list subscribers) launch. Her experience in Customer Engagement in ICT Research at SAP led her to later approach marketing with a scientific, audience-centered approach. To see her world through rhyme, check out her poetry IG account linked above.

Alex Pasare

Head of Tech

Alex is is full-stack programmer with 15 years of experience. His last two projects have seen him act as a Tech Lead for a cloud based marketplace & as the Solution Architect for a collaboration with the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts. His passion for this craft drives him to compete in numerous yearly security competitions, as well as conferences and other events. For more insight into his tech brains and brawn, check out his GitHub & Stack Overflow accounts.

But enough about us, we want to know about you & your business: 

where you are, where you wish to be & how to get you there.

Jump on a free call and let’s write your success story!