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Creating a High Converting Landing Page Doesn't Have to Be Difficult or Expensive

But it sure feels that way, doesn't it?

Above, use contrasting colors that fit your branding. Also, use a cover image that matches them!

You can find one in Canva or a host of free stock image websites. We like using Pexels.

Headline above first CTA button: Use a headline that both draws readers in, speaks of their want & describes your offer in a clear & understandable manner. Clarity beats cuteness or cleverness every time. 

The headline should state your offer, while the rest of the text should state your user’s main pain point(s) and/or how you intend to solve it and/or present a transformation that your product will produce for the buyer.

It’s important to take additional time to craft a compelling headline because it has a significant impact on reader engagement. A lot of known copywriters spend hours on their headlines; occasionally, they spend more work on it than the rest of the piece!

Monochromatic Hook Bar: Introduce main pain points in a way that makes the reader go “Yes, I feel that way”.

Here lead into your Ideal Client Avatar’s pain points. Push their buttons a little, while still displaying empathy. Try to write in the way that your ideal client talks about their problem in their mind, to their friends & family. Enter and engage in that conversation that they have with themselves about their problem.

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