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Critical question for results-driven coaches, consultants, and course creators who’ve been doing all the work, but still can’t get their prospects to eagerly punch in their CC details on the checkout page…

What is the biggest difference between game-changing funnel or launch conversions…

…and a few sparse clicks that bring in barely enough revenue to cover all your digital tools?

If you guessed… “the latest, trending funnel strategies”


If you guessed “being a member of a high-end, high-ticket business mastermind”


… how many affiliates you have lined up, waiting to push your message to their audiences…


… or the number of prospects you have on your waitlist…


… or how many manifestation mantras you’ve been saying to yourself in front of the bathroom mirror…

You’d be wrong.

Cause here’s the deal.

There’s Strategy, And There’s… Execution.

We’re not lacking in strategies.

In fact, we have funnel and launch strategies cropping up every season…

… survey funnels
… 5-day challenge launches
… evergreen webinar funnels
… daily IG live launches

Multiply them by the millions of people that decide to give entrepreneurship a BIG try each year (5 mil. in the US alone) and…

…you’d expect to see fabulous results.

You’d expect to see an economic boom, as more and more of these “it’s my time” fresh entrepreneurs convince many others of the value and transformation they promise.

You’d expect to see conversions galore as these strategies do their job.

Yet how often is it that once you discover a new product or service, or even start looking for a solution to a specific problem, the messaging that greets you makes your heart soar?

3 times per year? Mabe 5?

Heart soar? More like skin crawl!

And it’s NOT because those funnel or launch strategies are wrong or ineffective.

It’s just that they’re… poorly executed.

You see… Between the biz bro books and the fancy masterminds and the many many fresh experts on social media, you’ve decided that what your offers really need in order to bring in that record-breaking, life-affirming, passive revenue is to automate & scale a funnel around them.
So you get a Zapier subscription, watch some YouTube tutorials, try, fail, try again, mumble some profanities @ your screen and… in the end, hire a tech VA to do the heavy lifting. That funnel you are bending over backward to automate and scale is still missing its most important ingredient (wait for it…).

Your copy.

You may know already that to put up ads pointing to a product, you need to have first validated it with your audience. 

You must be sure that…

You have found product-market fit

(here’s how we can help you do that)

You need it to convert at least 2.5% of visitors to your page coming from organic traffic.  Ideally 5%.


If you go above 10%, I tip my hat to your copywriters.


The same theory applies to automating evergreen (aka passive) funnels.


Unless a product converts well in your launches, the results of your funnels will be meek.


And given how costly it is to set up a funnel… having it not convert?


Well, it gives me the heebie jeebies + that sinking feeling in my stomach that I really don’t like.


Can’t imagine what that would feel like for you.


Watching all that time and hard earned $$ get swallowed up by this humongous black hole of a project that just absorbes everything it touches?



You have pinned down your messaging

Ya’know, the part of your funnels or launches that moves the needle in your Stripe account.


Without it, any sales page you create is just decoration.


Any funnel you build is just a how-I-failed-before-I-suceeded case study that you’ll share in your speaking engagements or IG lives.


So, yeah copy matters.


But contrary to popular belief…


Not all copy is made the same.


There’s witty copy, creative copy, salesy copy, obscure copy, cookie-cutter-templated copy… and then there’s…

Audience-Driven Copy.

aka. conversion copy, aka. data-driven copy, aka….

The copy that makes your launches and funnels turn into revenue machines, so that on cart-close day you get to lean back into your office seat, prosecco in hand, taking a sip with each Stripe email that pops-up on your phone.

The copy that finally gets you & your family on that plane to a beachside resort in Tulum.

The copy that gets your audience stumbling over themselves in the rush to get to their wallet & pull out their CC.

All because your offer makes them feel…“this is literally what I’ve been waiting for”.

So how do you get from run-of-the-mill-copy…

… the kind which keeps you on your toes your entire launch, hustling for each single conversion, nearly breaking down on your kitchen floor after the final numbers are in…

… to copy that does this.

(screenshot of a funnel performance after I’ve adjusted the copy & positioning, the peak is when organic socials were focused on it, then it tapers off as it starts running on autopilot)

The How of Audience-Driven Copy.

So you can get those powerful headnod moments when the reader sees themselves on the page and feels like noone has ever understood their problem better.
So that you can guide them through the transformation they need to undergo to become a buyer. The same transformation that prepares them for results.
So that you can help motivate them to not only take action now but make the most of your offer.
So that you can help them understand the value of your offer and the unique way it solves their problem.
So that you can help them understand the value of your offer and the unique way it solves their problem.

Is Your Brain Going… “Can I DIY All This”?

Of course. 

I have full faith that you can do anything you put your mind to. You have my vote of confidence!

But this begs the question…

Do you have the time and $$$$ to go through over 1,000 hours of copy training and then some more hundred hours of writing?

If so, drop us a DM, we can recommend a dozen ah-mazing courses.

If, like most of us entrepreneurs, you’d like to stay in your zone of genius & use your time to:

Create more of those products your audience is looking for
Serve more 1:1 clients 
Enjoy more time with your family & friends
Travel, read, dance, karaoke and relax more

then it’s time for you to…

Do I recommend the Funnel Fairy? Yes, yes, YES! 🤩 Cathy is a wordsmith extraordinaire with a strategic mind for designing funnels and writing copy, and a stunning work ethic. I worked with both Cathy and her husband Alex on various copywriting and web development projects, and I couldn’t recommend them more!

Ioana Stepanov

Free The Digital

The biggest difference for me was Cathy’s ability to effectively communicate my vision and passion for beach weddings through her eloquent writing. The words now harmonise with the imagery and together, they transport visitors straight to the beach, creating a strong emotional connection. Moreover, Cathy made the entire process so easy and stress-free. She truly understood my business, my goals and my audience, which is reflected in the copy. It has added a depth to my website that it was previously missing and has proven to be invaluable to my business.

ramona macovei

Nunta La Mare

Who is taking this off my hands?

Meet Cathy (hey, it me)

When I’m not watching biopics, dancing to show tunes, or reading Harry Potter fanfiction, I write. 

From lyrics for ads, to copy for experts like you, to militant poetry, writing is my medium and outlet.

My background in business strategy & customer engagement in research projects always brought me back to the end-user use case and made me look for ways to turn that into product features.

Funnel Fairy is the manifestation of these two directions converging, leading me to approach marketing from a scientific, audience-driven perspective.

In the years since I started Funnel Fairy, I have helped more than 2 dozen entrepreneurs by researching their audience, mapping their offer ecosystems & funnels, and writing their copy.

And if you allow me to, here’s how I plan on doing this for you, too…

How we Roll...


We jump on a chemistry mapping call.

We meet, we greet, we check if we feet. Well, actually fit is the right word, but the rhyme took precedence. 
Our calls are completely non-binding and non-salesy.
We get to know each other, ask some questions about your business & goals, then tell you openly if we think we’re a good fit for your needs.
We often audit your web presence & lead gen comms beforehand so you’ll even get some nuggets of useful info.


We do the whole proposal, contract, invoice part.

If we do see ourselves as the right helpers for your business, we’ll send you a proposal within 48 hours. This will give you ample insight into our deliverables and next steps.
Then we send your our the contract & invoice. 
Once all is agreed upon, we onboard ourselves and start.


You provide us with the information we need (or we do your research).

We send you a list of assets we need access to (usually a questionnaire that you fill out so we can capture your voice, a list of your stories, analytics & metrics & customer voice analysis). The latter two we can create ourselves if you also book one of our research packages.


Cathy writes your copy & edits it based on your feedback.

Now comes the easy part. 
If all the research is done sufficiently well, copywriting is a matter of putting the right messages in the right order for a reader to discover, relate to, engage with & give us their click. 
Cathy then gives it some texture & shine & edits it based on your feedback.


You implement your copy (or we do it for you).

You use our copy in your assets, be they websites, sales pages, emails, or something else. If you need our help, we can also support you with this. You will have access to our graphic designer, automation expert, or web developers.

By now, you already know that the biggest difference between game-changing funnel or launch conversions and flatlining profits (with a side order of intense burnout) all comes down to…

Your Copy.

So if you’re still here… let’s wrap up with a lil’ real talk.

If you’re a consultant, coach, or expert service provider, who doesn’t want to stumble their way into DIYing their copy, we’re here for you.

If you’re planning on selling one new product or service this quarter and want to make sure it hits the mark, we’re here for you.

If you’re considering repositioning an existing offer this quarter in a way that your audience will respond to, we’re here for you.

If you’ve woken up in cold sweat at least once in recent months, worrying about how the next launch or funnel will perform, we’re here for you.


If you’re already psyched by the way audience-driven copy will help you achieve predictable, stress-free sales results, we’re here for you.

If you’re ready, I, Cathy, look forward to partnering with you to make sure that your next launch or funnel will be the most relaxing and rewarding you’ve experienced since you started growing your biz.