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Game-changing question for impact-driven coaches, consultants and infoproduct creators who want to open that prosecco after their record-breaking launches and sales funnels…

If there was a way to build audience-driven offers that lead to record breaking $$$ without you having to hustle for each new purchase…

…would you finally feel confident enough to embrace that next launch?

Let’s get something out of the way.

Until your offers are audience-driven, aka you find that pesky product-market fit that big league marketers talk about, there’s a hard ceiling on how much revenue your service or digital product will generate.

Not my rules. Laws of entrepreneurship.

Don’t bristle at me.

Yes, some of your current customers or clients may be loving what you’re bringing to the table.

But is your messaging attracting more of them?

Are they even your most lucrative niche?

Are you giving them more fitting offers to love?

Are your offers a response to the needs of your audience or a repeat, exhausting exercise in persuasion?

Without an offer ecosystem that is built on solving what pains your audience and communicated in the same way that they speak of those pains, your revenue will always be a factor of how much you hustle before, during, after, and between your launches.

Can you sustain? Maybe.

Can you grow? Of course, if you find a way to bend time.

But if you truly dream of transforming as many lives as possible while cementing your status as a legendary fixture in your industry…

Your offers are going to have to be driven by the forces which purchase them…your audience.

“Build it and they will come.”

You may have had this quoted to you by a well-wishing coach or friend.

In his 1960s magnum opus, marketing legend Eugene Schartz, notes that professions such as copywriting, physics and stock trading deal with forces more powerful than the humans who use them.

He says: “The people who use these forces did not create them; they can neither turn them on nor shut them off; But they can harness them!”

This applies even more in today’s over-saturated infoeconomy.

Everyone is looking to sell knowledge and expertise these days.

Your downstreet neighbor, Jim, who got laid off from his HR job a year ago? He’s monetized on YouTube, IG and TikTok teaching people how to upgrade their resumes.

Aunt Lydia, who spent 90% of her day crocheting and was always asking you how to install Zoom on her laptop? She now prides herself in how well her patterns are selling on Etsy. 

2022 meant 5 whooping million businesses sprouted in the US alone.

How many of those will make it to the 5-year mark?

A bit over 50%.

34% of small businesses that fail, do so because lack the proper product-market fit.

So you have your 2 options…

Build first…

Spend 100+ hours creating a magnum opus of a program, awkwardly writing the sales copy and then hustling every breathing moment on socials telling everyone and their cat it’s live.

Feel your stomach twist in knots, as you’re nearing the hour your page countdown time hits zero and you’ve barely made enough sales to cover your VA bills.


All followed by the mandatory kitchen floor breakdown, sinking in impostor-syndrome, and wondering whether Jim would help you update your resume so you can start “looking for a real job”.

Research first…

Do your research (or hire us to do it for you ).

Ask your audience what they need, see what your competitors’ audiences have to say…

…interview, survey, poll, and mine for reviews.

Spend those essential 50 hours establishing what offer to build, and how to position it as the ‘best thing since sliced bread’.
Then structure, build, write, promote, and launch to an audience that feels uniquely connected to and empowered by your offer.
Go open that prosecco, and celebrate your profits, impact, and that long-awaited vacation that you can finally book without maxing out your credit card.
Hell, give your VA a bonus, too.

The most profitable question you'll ever ask

We live in a data-driven world.

Google, Meta, most SaaS services, the people advertising on these platform, who am I kidding, all companies who can, collect our data to be able to target us with their most relevant offers

Yes, unlike these big corps, us small business owners have neither the budget nor the ethical bankruptcy needed for this kind of data collection.

Lucky for us…

Simply listening to your audience, and replying to their needs is all you need to carve yourself a brand-centered community that you serve with transformations and results that truly ease and enrich their lives.

It’s all you need to get that bottom line to bloom.

To get your support team on that annual dream Bali retreat.

Hell, to get a large enough support team to begin with.

And once you’re on that plane bound to tropical shores, prosecco-in-hand, you’ll think back of this read as the runway where your business plane took off from…

The Audience-Driven Offer & Copy Ecosystem

is your complete, step-by-step system for:

Amplifying the conversion potential of any offer you’re currently selling.

by positioning it as the “Can’t believe I’ve found this!” solution to your audience’s pains.

Building new offers confident in the fact that they will meet your prospects where they are and bring them where they want to go.

by aligning them with your audience’s existing perceived problems and their hidden causes

Turning your subscribers, followers & readers into eager and empowered, “I’ve been looking for this for so long. Where do I effin’ pay!” buyers.

by creating market-fit offers & packing them in messaging that uses your audience’s words

Getting those strong head nods from the prospects reading your sales page & email copy.

by using phrasing that reflects who they are so much that they wonder if you’ve actually met

Who is promising all this?

Meet Cathy (hey, it me)

When I’m not watching biopics, dancing to show tunes, or reading Harry Potter fanfiction, I write. 

From lyrics for ads, to copy for experts like you, to militant poetry, writing is my medium and outlet.

My background in business strategy & customer engagement in research projects always brought me back to the end-user use case and made me look for ways to turn that into product features.

Funnel Fairy is the manifestation of these two directions converging, leading me to approach marketing from a scientific, audience-driven perspective.

In the years since I started Funnel Fairy, I have helped more than 2 dozen entrepreneurs by researching their audience, mapping their offer ecosystems & funnels, and writing their copy.

And if you allow me to, here’s how I plan on doing this for you, too…

The Audience-Driven Offer & Copy Ecosystem - Your Packages

Choose your own adventure. Are you…?

The expert with an audience (and past sales)


The expert that’s looking to enter their market


Each of the research methods we use will be based on your business needs and your preferences

Starting at $5k

The expert with an audience (and past sales)


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The expert that’s looking to enter their market


7 ways to know you’re ready to achieve big wins by aligning your offers with your audience’s needs, wants & hopes