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Here’s how we guide you towards selling with ease.

Sales Funnel Creation

Custom pricing based on your needs, with pricing starting at…

Funnel Strategy & Structure


Sales Page Design (Figma) & Copy

€ 2547

Automating your Funnel

€ 1187

Email Indoctrination Sequence

€ 2147

Website Creation

Custom pricing based on your needs, with pricing starting at…

Wordpress UX/UI Website Design & Creation (Code)

€ 6575

WP Website UX/UI Design (Figma) & Creation (Elementor)

€ 4757

Website UX/UI Design (Figma)

€ 1975

Website Wireframe (Concept&Copy)

€ 2997

Funnels are the key to increasing your business revenue by creating evergreen customer journeys from brand contact to sale.

Passive income. All with minimal effort from you.
You pour your expertise into the products one time, and then only show up in recurrent marketing efforts.

We work with you on your products, your funnels, on your launches and your post-launch campaigns.

Here at Funnel Fairy, funnels are our brand, bread & butter. We design, write copy, automate and integrate all of your tools so that there’s as little for you to do as possible.

Are you one of the many people who treat their website as their virtual business card?

Nothing wrong with that, but how would you like it to also be your business partner, selling on your behalf?

We create responsive websites which convert your visitors into leads through valuable, empathetic, expressive content & visuals which engage and maintain interest.

And once the visitor becomes a subscriber, we also help you create an e-mail campaign or newsletter to get them to buy. Because…

…at the end of the day, your online presence should sell for you if it is to have a clear return on investment.

Launching is a hassle!

Writing sales copy is a challenge!

There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind about that.

We’ve had calls with multiple small biz owners asking 

us for help with taming those two wild beasts!

In response, we developed the below packages.

Your sales copy is what actually gets people to buy. But getting copy written for you – researched, effective, impactful copy – is hella’ pricey.

So you’re thinking of DIYing it. But could use some structure, direction and guidance. We gotcha’ covered!

And what about launching? If you’ve decided to launch a last-minute offering, here’s the deal, the drill, the thrill – you need help. 

After launching dozens of digital products for our clients, we have a fool proof plan to help you out!

Last Minute Launch Package

€ 9797

Your launch is 90% ready once we’ve done your:

launch plan covering up to 2 months of tasks

launch metrics projections for 3 scenarios

upsell - downsell recommendations

sales page structure

sales email campaign structure

sales page draft (to be edited by you)

sales emails campaign draft (to be edited by you)

checkout-upsell-downsell setup

sales page design & implementation

email setup

tech implementation - automation

testing all integrations and automations

add social content plan for EUR 1497

add 8 presale nurture email drafts for EUR EUR 2497

add competitor analysis for EUR 597

DIY Your Copy Workshop

€ 979

We prep you for DIYing your copy by having

3 x 1.5 hours calls with you in which we:

answer over 50 questions about your brand, yourself and your offering, answers which will inform your copy

research competitors & their testimonials for copy ideas

research your testimonials for great copy ideas

explain where else you can source great copy ideas

define your sales page structure

define your sales email campaign structure

clarify what your nurture emails should look like

answer any and all questions you might have

A memorable & recognizable identity is what turns a business into a brand!

What pops into your client’s head when they discover your business name?

When they see your website or social media visuals?

When they hear your pitch & catchphrases?

You first become a brand when your ideal client sees your branding elements and associates them with your message.

This is why, before even talking about any marketing efforts, it would be ideal to have a logo, a complete visual identity brand book and a document establishing your brand voice.

We design your visual brand and help you establish your brand voice, either individually or as a full service.

Complete Visual Identity 

€ 1997

Your complete visual identity includes:

3 x 30 minutes calls with you

Visual identity SWOT analysis

Competitor audit of visual identity (4 competitors)

Logo: 3 concepts

2 revision rounds on one logo concept

3 options for font & color pairing

1 revision round on font & color pairing

6 additional graphics for your social media/website

Logo, font & color application guidelines

Branded email signature

1 brand manual

Brand Voice Development

€ 1997

Your complete tone of voice document includes:

2 x 45 minutes calls with you

Brand voice SWOT analysis

Competitor audit of brand communications (4 competitors)

Ideal client analysis & 2 Ideal client avatars

Elevator pitch

Brand positioning statement

Vision, mission, values formulation

Brand personality & tone

Voice rules

Word Bank

Taglines & catchphrases

Want to DIY your marketing & need some guidance?

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