Funnel Fairy

Day 0: Service or Infoproduct Launched! 🥳

Day 14: Service or Infoproduct Failed to ROI 😨

And now I’m telling you that by punching in your email address to get a freebie, things will magically change.


I bet your inner narrator is raising their mental eyebrow & whispering…

“Not very likely!”.

But let me ask you this…

Before building your offers, before getting that copy on the page & eagerly hitting publish…

…have you asked your audience what they wanted?

…have you looked at how they talk about their pain points?

Maybe you ran some polls on your IG stories or LinkedIn posts.

Maybe you sent a survey to your list.

But other than that… not really.

So, you’re telling me…

You've been told to spend countless hours crafting a brilliant offer, to build the perfect launch plan, and to write copy that would make Hemingway proud… but noone has shown you how to to deeply understand your audience first?

I mean…


I know that many marketing gurus forget to mention this ‘little’ secret ingredient (or they limit their explanations to ‘build an ideal client avatar & write with them in mind’).


And I don’t mean to sound crass here or insult anyone, but…

Build it & they will come doesn’t work!

It never has…

In his 1960s magnum opus, marketing legend Eugene Schartz, notes that professions such as copywriting, physics and stock trading deal with forces more powerful than the humans who use them.

In science: energies of the universe.

In trading: the billion-dollar tides and currents of the marketplace.

In copywriting: the hopes, fears and desires of millions upon millions of men and women, all over the world.

He says… “The people who use these forces did not create them; they can neither turn them on nor shut them off; But they can harness them!”

“Ok… but what does this have to do with my services & infoproducts?”

Think of your offers like a buffet tailored to your audience's taste buds.

You wouldn’t serve steak to a room full of vegetarians, would you?

The same principle applies to your offer ecosystem.

With audience research as your secret ingredient, you can serve up exactly what your audience is hungry for.

Not only that but you can sell them your offer using the very words they use to talk about the pain points your service or product solves.

Very simply put, you get to craft offers & copy that speak directly to the struggles, desires, and aspirations of this community you’ve built.

“Fine… I get it now, but…”

"How do I make my offers, funnels & copy more audience-driven?"

You sign up to Funnel Fuel & receive The Audience Monitor – for FREE.

Now, don’t get your knickers in a bunch.

I know you and I have seen that before.

We’ve done that before.

We gave someone the privilege to access our inbox, downloaded some generic PDF that went into a folder on our laptop, and never looked at it again. Then the sales emails started…

Booo! I don’t want to merely get you on my list to sell my stuff to you.

That’s why my ‘welcome sequence’, The Audience Monitor IS the freebie.

Over 10 weeks, you will get bi-weekly tutorials dropped in your inbox - completely free.

Now, I can’t promise you’re gonna hit 6-figures just by reading my emails, but I swear you will learn how to…

> use more than 20 different audience research methods, from analyzing your own comms, to what your competitor’s testimonials have to say, to learning from heatmaps, to email list surveying tips & tricks

> apply what you’ll learn about your audience to map out your record-breaking offers & funnels + write your copy

> make the most of the research templates I’m gonna include in several of these emails

You even get to submit your Qs and I answer them in a monthly bonus email.

I vow none of the emails will take more than 3 minutes to read.

I also vow to only sell to you in the P.S. section of these emails (except email no. 2 which discusses deliverables & where you’ll be summarily introduced to my quarterly 5-day challenge).

Sound good?

Ready to build an audience-driven business?

Who is promising all this?

Hi, I’m Cathy.

I’ve created more than 40 funnels in industries spanning from storytelling coaching to financial consulting to wedding planning.

I’m a conversion copywriter with a background in user engagement in ICT research projects.

After working with a few dozen copy & funnel clients, I realized the biggest gap in the marketing of coaches, consultants, and infoproduct creators lies in the disconnect between their offers + messaging & their audience’s wants, needs, and desires.

The Audience Monitor seeks to solve that by making my knowledge of audience research accessible to anyone who needs it.