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Our Favorite Tools

Email Marketing

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As we work with many clients who have EU customers, it’s become increasingly important to use tools that are GDPR friendly.

For this reason, our usual choice of email marketing tools is Mailerlite. Start your journey with Mailerlite here.

Their data storage center is located in the European Union and has an information storage security certificate (ISO 27001).

They have a free plan which includes the use of automations and can be used for up to 1,000 subscribers & 12,000 monthly emails. Plus, it’s a mega intuitive tool.

The most complex email marketing tool we’ve found, which integrates perfectly with membership plugins for WordPress & so many other fantastic tools.


Active Campaign has more features & a more intuitive user experience than any other tool we’ve used.
We don’t have an affiliate link for this one, but we love it just the same and have to recommend it.

Customer Relationship Management

We use Bonsai for our business. It’s a wonderful tool where all our team members can track & submit their hourly work for a certain project.
Then, at the end, the invoice is generated automatically based on those hours.
Using Bonsai, you can send proposals & contracts which can be signed online. They even have several contract templates that we adapted to our own needs. Some steps can be automated & they are coming up with new features all the time.
If your work is mainly based on packages that don’t need much customization & you’d like to automate your client onboarding, payment & offboarding processes, this is the tool.
In Dubsado you can create extremely powerful & versatile client data capture forms & workflows which can be triggered both manually & automatically. Time wasted on repetitive communication – no more!
Plus, if you need help setting up your Dubsado backend, we can help!

Social Media

MetriCool made us fall in love with social media all over again.
The free version includes pretty much everything you could ever want (except a LinkedIn account).
You get lots of detailed analytics & even the possibility to see your website metrics in one place. You get autolists. You get 50 posts available each month.

Join MetriCool & manage your accounts all in one place, maintaining a clear & detailed overview.

You’ll usually find this tool recommended for keyword metrics. You don’t hear about it much in relation to social media.

Nonetheless, this is the best tool we’ve found for identifying lucrative IG hashtags. 

For just $10 you get 100.000 credits, which you can use to find the trending hashtags in your niche.

Not only does it show how many searches have happened for a certain hashtag, it also shows the number of posts, allowing you to find & use the most competitive hashtags.

Funnel Building

We’re definitely old school when it comes to funnel building. We like making things happen in WordPress. 


It eliminates the monthly costs for expensive tools. Plus everything is mega customizable using code. 


Even on WordPress, nowadays, there are amazing plugins that can help you build a funnel in just a few steps.

A plugin which helps you set up a flow, including upsells, one-click-order-bumps, A/B split testing & dynamic offers? Yes, please!

You get it all at an annual license price of $239 that none of the existing funnel creation tools can beat to our knowledge.

Cartflows is super user friendly & comes with quite a few templates included. Plus, you can always get our help in setting it up.

While it integrates with Cartflows to help you drag-and-drop your way around any funnel, Elementor can actually be used to create your whole website.

At only $49/year, that’s a real steal! This includes pretty much any type of element you’ll ever need + the option to customize further using code.

If you need help to get your funnel or website created, using Elementor or code, you know where to find us 😉